16 Ekim 2012


When knowledge merges with power of thinking, mankind can go beyond the known borders. Not only creating new products and methods but also adapting known techniques to diffeent applications and creating new utilization fields are important. Such innovative investments are likely to be protected  by means of Patent, Utility Model or design registration in respect to outer appearance.
Patent and Utility Model registration protects functional features while Design registration protects appearance features and thus provides monopoly rights to the owner in area of use. On the other hand, right owners  are granted the right to impose prohibition to use against third persons. Therefore, it is aimed to remove all doubts in the mind of consumer.
We would like to share one of the most attractive and innovative applications of recent times  here. Scientists have developed 3D body scanning machine capable to measure body sizes  and thus creating virtual image. The virtual image created on the monitor gets rid of the issue of trying all clothes in stores and when the fitting size is found,  it can be bought without any doubt.
In practice,  the customer goes into a scanner in the form of a picture taking cabin with his/her underwears. The low intensity infrared rays scans more than 300 thousand points in the body and it takes 12 seconds at the most. Thus, more than 100 body sizes can be collected.
Then, the customer can try the clothes in the “virtual dressing cabin”  on computer monitor just hitting a couple of keys.  Even they can upload their images to internet,  and can try the clothes in online stores by means of computer or digital television. Particularly, no doubt it is an important development for verifying the size for those shopping on internet.
Whether or not the product is patentable, or really novelty cannot be known now but patent application has already been filed. Do not get surprised if it spreads and becomes part of our lives shortly.

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